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Why Choose Biancani Fitness Training?

It is a simple fact... When you train with Al, you simply get better. Not by 110%... More like 150%! Hundreds of athletes and executives have worked with Al and they have all left with positive results.

"My goal has always been to make athletes better. I produce an environment that brings out the competitive nature in people... An environment where the BEST GET BETTER!"

-Al Biancani


Rehabilitation—Bailey Laolagi went through 6 months of rigorous knee rehabilitation after a tragic ACL tear in the 2014 post season. He had a tremendous 2015 season where he was able to put up some pretty outstanding statistics: 94 Tackles, 4 Sacks, 3 interceptions (totalling 83 yards, 2 of those went for Touchdowns), 4 Pat Downs, 20 receptions for 344 yards, 55 carries for 430 rushing yards, 15 Offensive Touchdowns, and a caused fumble and recovery. His team, the Folsom Bulldogs, would obtain a State Title and Bailey was placed on the All-state Team for Defensive Linebacker.

"Will have to thank Al's CORE routine for these Abs! Al not only brought me back from my ACL tear, but his routines made me bigger, faster, stronger than I was before the injury. I will always be grateful to Biancani Fitness!"

-Bailey Laolagi


Al Biancani doesn't just get athletes back playing the sport they love... Athletes return bigger, stronger, and faster... Moving on to bright futures! Bailey continues to train with Al and is now committed to UNLV where he will continue playing football.

Executive Fitness—Biancani fitness training offers business executives a comprehensive exercise routine. Early morning workouts include cardiovascular conditioning, resistance training, abdominal and back strengthening, flexibility work and nutritional guidance.

Elite Athletes—Biancani fitness offers elite professional, College, High School and College-bound athletes a unique off-season training experience. Every athlete is challenged through a rigorous strength, conditioning and flexibility program. Workouts stress speed, strength and explosive training and include extensive running mechanics, agility, plyometric, core strengthening and flexibility sessions.

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Why Biancani Fitness Training?

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