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Al's China Adventure

Where did Al go? Al is constantly teaching his philosophy both at home and abroad. In the past, it was common to hear Al venturing Northward to Canada and across the States touring with the Sacramento Kings. Today, Al is in China working with the Women's Olympic Basketball Team.

To get a better understanding of what Al is doing, we started Al's China Adventures. We are hoping he can provide us with some insight on his experiences over in China... Who he is training... a little understanding of this great country... what he thinks of this foreign land... and, in general, what he is up to.

Check back often, because we are constantly updating this page with new Q&A!


Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Biancani Fitness Dynamics spokesman, Val Laolagi, asked Al Biancani last week about his most recent road trip. Al followed up with the results of that road trip below. Following is the dialoague between the two:

BFD: Hey Al. We are dying to hear the results of youe latest road trip.

Al: We won our game in Xinyu by 40 points. My project, Wei Wei, played very well. In 13 minutes she had 13 points and 9 rebounds.

BFD: I think you have mentioned Wei Wei before... but for our readers, can you tell us a little about this player?

Al: A little about her? Sure. She is 6’9” and weighed only 90 kg’s when we started... now 94.5 kilo’s. She tested on our initial bench press of 45 kilo’s with 4 reps. Our last test she did the same weight 30 times. She now benches 80 kilo grams 8 times and does regular man’s pushups (90). She can’t go to the floor yet but does a great job. When we started, she could do only 5 woman’s pushups. When we do the foot speed ladder, she can move her feet as fast as 2 guards. My goal is to get her to 100 kilo’s over the next year to year and one half.

BFD: How did she do in the game?

Al: In last night's game she scored 10 points, blocked 3 shots and grabbed 10 rebounds in 15 minutes of playing time. It is really a lot of fun seeing her start to blossom. When we started training camp she was always left out of drills and was looked at as a long term hopeful. I feel if I can work with her till 2012, London Olympics, she will be a major force. Another interesting point is she is only 19 years old.

BFD: So What's next?

Al: The coach is finally giving the girls 2 days in a row off. I am going to work with some of the vets who came in late and are not in good shape during those days.

BFD: Thanks Al for the update!

Al: No problem. I'll catch up with you next week on our next trip plans.

BFD: That would be great!


To read our last correspondence with Al, Click on one of the posted "Adventures" below:

Post Date: Saturday, July 4th, 2009

BFD: Hey Al. Tell me about this roadtrip that started this past Thursday.

Al: On Thursday we flew from Beijing to Nanchang Jiangxi province to play a series of games against Australia. Nanchang is one of the best tourist and historical places in China.



Post Date: Saturday, June 20th, 2009

BFD: You have been in China for several months now... Have you adapted well living in this enormous country?

Al: Yes, I have been in China for a while and I have been to several cities. China is a very interesting place. The people are friendly and there is very little crime... even though there are 1.3 Billion people living here. I love the history of China. There are a lot of beautiful places over here that have much history attached. I am very comfortable being here. I am even learning to speak a little Chinese!



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